Crew Changes & Marine Air Ticketing

You can rely on Dominion ....

The local Dominion network of offices ensures a smooth and punctual crew movement in all the Egyptian ports

Sign on Crew must :

  • Be in possession of a valid Seaman's Book.
  • Hold an introduction letter from the ship-owners indicating ship's name, the port of the ship's arrival and the name of the agents.
  • Hold a contract of employment.
  • Officers must also posses their license of competency.

Sign off Crew :

ship-owners / Masters must provide agent with the following:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Destination
  • Also to state whether PTA has been arranged or tickets are to be arranged by the agents with Seaman's fare

Visa :

Entry visa for European and USA citizens is not required, whereas visas for other nationalities can be granted on arrival at Cairo airport. However, it is recommended that visas be obtained prior to departing their country to avoid any delays. For certain countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Phillipine, Sri Lanka and Somalia) entry visa is required before arriving Cairo.

Important Restrictions in Alexandria Port :

Please note that Far Eastern / African crew cannot board a ship hoisting a flag other than their nationality. Masters / Officers are excluded from this rule provided possessing translated license of competency.

Important guidelines concerning the passengers on a cargo ship :

Women, Men or children on board a ship & not in possession of Seaman Book may be considered as passengers and consequently the Suez Canal tolls can be affected and especially when vessel is in ballast condition.

Additionally, disembarking crew must be in possession of either valid seaman's book or valid passports. Also it is strongly recommended PTA tickets are to be collectable at desk of Airline Company at Cairo airport and not in Cairo office. In all cases full particulars have to be given to agent prior to vessel's arrival.

Suez Canal Authority Circular on the Indian Crew :

All Masters and ship owners must be aware of the newest instructions concerning the signing on for Indian crew in Suez Canal area to be as follow:

  • Sufficient information and flight details about the crew intended to be signed on a definite vessel passing the Suez Canal must be sent to us 4 days prior to crew arrival.
  • A valid entry visa from one of the Egyptian embassies abroad has to be obtained and a copy of the crew passport together with the said entry visa.
  • Extra 150 Egyptian Pounds will be paid to local Egyptian authorities for any additional services require to accomplish formalities in and out of the airport. Any contravention to the above mentioned instructions will result in crew delays or possible detention at the airport.

Marine Air Ticketing :

As one of the major providers of total shipping solutions in Egypt, we have pioneered as the sole agency offering marine travel services in order to assert our vow of offering the shipping world comprehensive services.

Shipping operates 24 hours a day, which is why we have marine specialists on hand every hour of the day to handle the toughest challenges with regard to last minute changes in schedule. Your crew needs to board on time and travel home in time with no delay. Realizing this need, we have introduced a new specialized service in Egypt, “Home to Cabin – Cabin to Home”, for crew signing on/off in all the Egyptian ports. Our local network of representatives in Cairo Airport and all the Egyptian main and secondary ports and airports meet and assist your crew to their cabin or destination.