Imposed Tugs

Suez Canal

Imposed Tug(s) shall be levied on the ship during Canal transit in the following cases:

  1. The Canal Authority may require any vessel to take one tug or more tugs during the Canal transit, whenever, in SCA judgment, this action is necessary to ensure the safety of the vessel or navigation in the Canal.
  2. Vessel without mechanical power, or vessels whose machinery is/or becomes disabled, or vessels with bed steering badly, or which is likely to become unmanageable for any reason, shall be towed through the Canal.
  3. Vessels having engine or steering gear trouble for the second time during the same passage.
  4. Vessel with bad view owing to deck cargo, containers, cranes or constructions that impede the view from the wheelhouse and wings. (SC port office officials may decide after survey for the safety of the ship and the canal that the ship has to be Towed.)
  5. A) Vessels of 1500 SC.G.T. & over unable to use one of their bow anchors.
    B) Vessels over 1500 SC.G.T. & over built with one anchor.
    C) Vessels over 1500 SC.G.T. & over built with more than one anchor with only one of them on the bow.
    D) Special Cases to be studied.
  6. Drilling vessels. (See special cases item A in Suez Canal Rules of Navigation / Special Cases).
  7. Vessels with two engines on one propeller of which one is out of order for any reason and can not maintain speed of at least 10 knots without current (After sea trial to make  sure  of  the speed and valid sea worthiness certificate).
  8. Vessels with two engines on two propellers of which one is out of order.
  9. On Master's request for one tug or more.
  10. Submarines to be escorted by one or two imposed tugs according to CA.survey. (Depending on submarine condition, anchors, mooring facilities, power drive…etc.)
  11. Air craft carriers to be escorted by two imposed tugs.
  12. (A) General Cargo vessels carrying explosive of type class1, (explosive div.1.1, div.1.2, div. and 1.3 according to IMDG code) in less than 50 % of the loaded cargo, an imposed tug is to be added during transit, for security.
    (B) But if the explosive cargoes are 50% or more of the loaded cargo, two imposed tugs are to be added during transit, for security.