Sailing Permit

Documents required by Port Authorities to issue sailing permit

  1. Ship’s Registry Certificate.
  2. Certificate of Vessels Nationality.
  3. Classification Certificate for Machinery and Hull.
  4. Doc (document of compliance Certificate).
  5. SMC (Safety Management Certificate).
  6. International Loading Certificate.
  7. International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate.
  8. International Tonnage Certificate.
  9. Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Chemicals.
  10. Cargo Ship Safety Equipments Certificate + form E.
  11. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate + form R.
  12. Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.
  13. Cargo ship safety construction Certificate.
  14. ( SOPEP ) Ship Board Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.
  15. Original Licenses for Officers and Engineers.
  16. Crew lists.
  17. Oil Record Book.
  18. Garbage Record Book.
  19. Ship’s Garbage Management Plan.
  20. Cargo Securing Manual.