Message from Chairman

We are ready to transform needs into business opportunities


From the very day of the independence of the shipping agencies in Egypt which marked a major milestone , Dominion has ever since aimed for dynamic development by adapting to continual changes arising both locally and globally in the realm of the shipping industry. As agents, we are inextricably linked to the globalization trend in the shipping industry and therefore are bound to assume an oriented approach to ensure that our clients are provided with the highest standard of services for achieving long-term success amid the ever-changing global demands.


The success story of Dominion is a mere reflection of the great foundations once laid by the late Mr. Said Aly who has left his deepest imprint of his profound passion and aspiring leadership to redefine the shipping agency sector. He replenished the heart of the company and added true values to customer loyalty leaving behind a legacy full of commitments and continual growth.


The youthful and dynamic spirit Dominion has always strived to maintain allows the company to pursue its vision for the future in carrying the company's legacy and continuing to play a pioneering role in the Egyptian shipping industry while further expanding our worldwide coverage, providing our clients with evermore innovative solutions, continuously improving our standards in service quality, diversifying our scope of activities, and meeting the demands and criteria of the international markets and economic conditions.


We are convinced that the most valuable asset we can acquire during our company’s lifetime is our client’s satisfaction, and for such reason, our long-term vision for continual improvement and expansion of our activities has been manifested through our vast network to include over 100 countries in the global association of the world first class ship agents- Multiport Ship Agencies Network.


Our business scope has been broadened to adapt to the fast growing world of logistics enabling us to provide customized & comprehensive logistics solutions to our principals all over the world while valuing the absolute commitment to operational excellence, professionalism, impeccable services and high reliability.


Chairman & CEO

Combining innovation and execution makes us Future Ready—which happens to be the theme of this report. It could not be more descriptive of Dominion Services and our sustainability efforts