Guide lines

Suez Canal
Guide lines

IMO Cargo 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 on board General cargo vessels:

  1. General Cargo vessels carrying explosive of type class1, (explosive div.1.1, div.1.2, div. and 1.3 according to IMDG code) in less than 50 % of the loaded cargo, an imposed tug is to be added during transit, for security.
  2. But if the explosive cargoes are 50% or more of the loaded cargo, two imposed tugs are to be added during transit, for security.

L.P.G & L.N.G vessels:

L.P.G & L.N.G over 40,000 and up to 90.000 SC.N.T. (Except G.F.) , or loaded with Ammonia cargo ( L.P.G., L.N.G. vessel contain {tank of deck} completely separated from cargo tank with maximum tonnage of 180 tons will be considered as gas free vessel – G.F. carriers are to be treated as tankers in Ballast) will be escorted by one tug and those over 90.000 SC.NT will be escorted by two tugs.

Tolls for crude oil tankers that lighten part of their crude oil cargo In SUMED terminal at Sukhna

  1. Tolls of USD 0.62 shall be levied on each metric ton of crude oil cargo.
  2. Crude oil cargo carried by the tanker shall be calculated by deducting the volume discharged at SUMED from the total cargo indicated in the cargo manifest and the bill of lading.
  3. The minimum transit dues for a laden northbound trip are USD 130000.

Surcharge on Tiers of Containers and Barges on the Weather Deck of Container Vessels and LASH vesselsContainer vessels and LASH vessels

carrying containers or barges on the weather deck will be subject to the following surcharges of the Suez Canal dues:

  1. 2% for vessels carrying one tier of containers or barges.
  2. 4% for vessels carrying two tiers of containers or barges.
  3. 6% for vessels carrying three tiers of containers or barges.
  4. 8% for vessels carrying four tiers of containers or barges.
  5. 12% for vessels carrying five tiers of containers.
  6. 16% for vessels carrying six tiers of containers.
  7. 18% for vessels carrying seven tiers of containers.

An increase of 2% shall be applied for each tier in excess of 7 tiers, which means that a surcharge of 20% shall be applied on vessels carrying 8 tiers of containers ... etc